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Turkey eVisa – Complete Requirements

Complete Requirements of Turkey eVisa

Are you on holiday or traveling to Turkey in late 2020? Both tourists and business travelers should apply in advance for a Turkish visa.

The visa provision extends to all passengers. Minors are permitted only if they have a Turkish visa of their own.

What will happen if you don’t have a visa? The Turkish immigration service will then keep you searched for visas when you arrive in Turkey.

eVisa to Turkey

What is Turkey’s electronic visa? The Turkish government is allowed to fly officially to the world, by ground, sea or air.

Whenever the government speaks about Turkey’s visa, the electronic edition is still mentioned. This edition is also recognized as e-visa for Turkey.

You may apply for this visa electronically, and it will be e-mailed to you after it is issued. You should apply for a visa for yourself. If it is a community, then you need to apply for each one of them.

Visa requirements for Turkey

You must agree with a range of conditions to use Turkey’s electronic visa. The above are the most relevant criteria. You can find more details below:

  • Your travel has a business or tourist intent
  • Fly with your passport or your National ID.
  • Would you want to fly with your passport? It must be valid for 150 days after you arrive.
  • During your visit, you can not work for a Turkish employer
  • You can not research in a Turkish educational institution during your visit.

Exceptions of visas

When does Turkey not need a visa? Are you arriving by boat in Turkey? In this scenario, you would only need an electronic visa if you remain onshore for longer than 72 hours. You can stop without a Turkish visa at a Turkish airport, but you can not exit the airport in the meantime.

Are you a truck driver, photographer or archaeologist? Then you do not fulfill the e-visa requirements. You have to apply to the Turkish Consulate for a visa sticker. If you do not follow these conditions, you can not apply your application electronically and must go to the consulate.

Duration and Acceptable Duration Of Stay

Comply with the laws, so you are not risking with penalties, imprisonment and a restriction on travel to the world. The visa for Turkey is valid for 180 days.

The validity period commences on the date of arrival specified in the application form. During these 180 days, you will remain in Turkey for up to 90 days, but sometimes for various intervals.

More details on the visa duration, extension, renewal and expiry can be found on the Turkish visa website.

Apply Visa to Turkey Online: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can apply for the Turkish visa application online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can do so by filling out the application form on this page. It requires about five minutes.

You then pay with Credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Sofort Banking or PayPal. All of these payment systems are in real time. Therefore, the transaction is accepted directly after the purchase finalized.

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